Free Horse Racing Tips – Five Lotto Winning Mistakes to Avoid

Free Horse Racing Tips - Five Lotto Winning Mistakes to Avoid

Many punters spend hours and hours looking for profitable free horse racing tips. Unfortunately, the internet is full of opportunists ready to steal your hard earned betting bank. Offering horse racing tips for free is a great way to introduce yourself to a new betting platform, but the question is, are they really giving you quality horse racing tips that will help you make a profit long term?

Let’s look at five common free horse racing tips that are often given, and see if we can spot some examples of why not to make these horse racing tips a profitable part of your betting day.

  1. Most free horse racing tips give you an advantage by betting on either their favourite or your favourite horses. Horse racing tips that tell you to lay or back the best priced favourite are far less valuable than those giving you an edge by betting on their favourite. Often you can double or treble your free horse racing tips winnings by betting on their favourite!
  2. Most free horse racing tips will be complaining about the going or the distance of the race. Free horse racing tips often ignore this crucial aspect and concentrate exclusively on the price of the horse or horses in the race.

Sure, the odds might be against your selection, but the fact is that many horses run poorly at certain distances. If free horse racing tips were really telling you that all horses should be run over a certain distance range, then the guide would be telling you to run overOME, not just one!

  1. Free horse racing tips will often be focusing on the trainer. Sure, the horse may be driven by a great dominance, but what if the trainer isn’t at his best? Or, what if the trainer is suffering from limp wickets? These free horse racing tips trust you to make the selection based on the trainer’s status, not the results of the running of the horse!
  2. Free horse racing tips will often be veering towards betting on a horse that has previously performed well. Unusually, this horse has another horse in its past compete in the same type of race and stand a far better chance of winning, logs yet another plus for the punter.
  3. Most free horse racing tips are wrong. I am sure you are familiar with odds, a very basic and often overlooked concept in horse racing. Odds are not a barometer of a horses chances of winning, they are, however, a guide that give you a quick idea of the likely outcome.

Unfortunately, not all [Pengeluaran Sgp 2022 Hari Ini] is right, I am trying to help you locate profitable free horse racing tips.