Next-Gen Poker Room to Offer Online And Offline Prizes

Next-Gen Poker Room to Offer Online And Offline Prizes

Aemilios Gousis was just 16 when he started playing poker. Since then, the self-labeled ” Boy George” helped establish one of Las Vegas’ most popular poker rooms, Aces High Online Poker. But Aces High wasn’t the only poker room in town.

Around the corner on Fremont Street is the current home of what has become one of the most fabulous and recognizable clubs in all of the world’s most popular casinos. Since opening in 2007, the Riviera Hotel and Casino has become a favorite stopover for gamblers on the Poker Flex schedule and the Microgaming software is available for the myriad of mobile devices.

To this day, the poker room has been a fixture on the Strip and hoped by many of its patrons to provide a taste of poker that is light years better than anywhere else. The room draws poker players of all types as well as the all-time favorite card game of Texas Hold’em. But in the casino and online poker world, Aces High has been a victim of slow business as usual.

Last October, Aces High’s beer garden was unusually full on a Friday night. This may have been the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Poker players flock to the room in droves hoping to get a seat among the feltpoker chips. Did you Barona? Nice hand, but you’re no afforded poker table, so I folded.

This is where we would like to layoff the sodas and limousine mentality of having to wait hours to get a seat at a normal table. It’s become a wait or bet game now. I have taken over this business, and Aces High is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Late nights and early morning hours are now the norm at the poker room. The place is spruced up and Aces High looks great. I certainly guarantee that you will feel as if you have been transported to some island somewhere in the Caribbean. Because you have a couple hours before most casinos open, you can investigate other options for a little time off the beaten path.

Some people love their Las Vegas, but they sure don’t love having to wait in line to get a table on a nice Friday night. Most times, you will find that wait time is like 45 minutes to an hour. If you simply take a route other than playing at a Las Vegas casino, you will see that you can get a table right on the instance that you want to play. The action is almost always faster online and if you are a trait gambler, you will want all the available table time that you can get.

For example, on many casino websites, you can find a table without having to download any software at all. Just sit in front of your computer and you will see Las Vegas style action. With all of the better graphics and flowing design you will find that it’s easier to place your bet and play your hand than it is when you are standing in line at a casino. Especially if you have a little bit of extra time, there is no reason that you cannot take the time to make some money or even play all of the available games.

One of the other very attractive options that you can explore is tournaments. In these areas, there are multiple players that get paid in the morning after they have won their respective tournaments. It is entirely possible to win upwards of six figures during a poker tournament. You might say that this is indirectly equivalent to a Las Vegas Casino so the example should be taken into consideration.

All of the elements that make Las Vegas a popular place to play casino games are available when you choose an online casino. You should expect the best customer service and highest security standards available anywhere. Gaming from your own home is convenient, but it will always need to be taken into consideration.