Oral Gambling And The rate Of Risk Taking


Risk has its place in just about any game you can imagine but, is it really possible to separate it into a ‘must do’ activity and a ‘must avoid’ one?

This is a tricky question because there is no one size fits all answer to the question, you canHLYbet on a game for example with a 50% chance of winning a pot of $100 with a 60% chance of losing another $100, both are viable for the invested as the risk is deemed to be less than 5% of the potential profit. (Obviously you would prefer the second option!)

But can you afford not to take this risk?

This is the dilemma that a lot of players go through when they are trying to work out how much they can afford to lose in the next week or month, when they are playing poker or any other game, there is no way you are going to be able to say ‘no’ to that challenge.

You could say that you are better than most at the start of the month, you have had a few weeks off work and you have Some money in the bank, perhaps you can pay the rent with some of your winnings.

Bankroll Management

How do you feel when you sit down to play a session of poker and the bankroll you have should be £300, when the last hand you folded was £18 you are down £120, do you fold or carry on?

You will get a lot of pointers on how to play a session of poker, but nobody knows the outcome of a hand of poker better than the person playing.

Hand Management

If you are out, you can’t afford to put in a big Raise or Folding strategy, you will only lose a set amount per hand. However, if you make sure you have enough in your bankroll to cover until your next hand, and make sure you only play when you have a good hand, you can get a far more relaxed game than if you tried to play when your back was to the wall.

The problem with Play Money games is that you can see that you are Starting to Badwine when you have a poor starting hand, but then when you try to improve your Hand Reading or you spot an opportunity you let your guard down.

This happens to many new players, they win a hand or two and think they have it figured out, and they start to play too aggressively and lose against a player who is more skilled than they are.

They think they can beat him because they are playing The Wrong Cards.

What if you had stuck to the same strategy you had when your bankroll was $100?

You would have never had an issue coming out on top.

This is the greatest skill in poker.

intermediates need to step up and take on that characteristics of your expected outcome and not predict others.

Let other players be hesitant to call you for fear of being out done, because you have shown strength.

Some players think you are invincible when you are bluffing, they call you because they just know you are bluffing.

This is great until you actually have The Thing.

Then they know they are screwed.

The initial response to having a monster is to let them win, this gives you another edge and confidence, and lets them see you are not afraid to use it.

After this if they continue to let you win pots, and you continue to win pots, they will eventually learn to stop folding to you.

At this point you should slow down and introduce some risk back into your game by checking or calling, or perhaps going all in.

Use the dealer’s cards against them. When they see you are not afraid to call them out on a bluff and get out ahead of them.

This puts the fear back in the minds of your opponents.

Finally, if you are way ahead and you want them to be afraid of you, you can pretend to have a weak hand and get them to think that you are really strong, this makes them think twice about continuing to play against you.

They may Brag to their friends about how you managed to get them to bluff themselves out of a pot.

Using the semi-bluff can also make the game harder to “read” for your opponents.

If you can do this, you will give yourself a better chance of winning.

If they decide they aren’t going to try to trick you, you can get out of the way and let them make the decisions instead.

Don’t worry about having to bluff every time, because you can often get out of the way and let them make those judged calls.

Because when you play Texas Hold Em Poker you aren’t simply playing your cards, but also your opponents, you need to learn how to play psychological warfare and influence the minds of your opponents.