Perry Alexander Memorized Poker Counting Above Anything!

Perry Alexander Memorized Poker Counting Above Anything!

On March 21st, 2008, at the Button Master Series in Memphis, Tennessee, Perry Alexander held three of the final five tables. Perched high on his chair, watch him accumulate what seemed like millions upon millions of dollars in chips. Several times he left the tournament chair with over $7 million dollars and not even an ounce of it was tarnished.

It took years of struggling, it took a full fledged education, it took location of a mansion with the appropriate rooms, it took the heritage of a plump faced countrysideasseur as opposed to dough eating, it took him completing a prescribed task with unexpected ease. It took building himself a legend and it took deception of everyone except his most trusted friend.

Now just imagine if this story came out about the likes of Gus Hansen or Daniel Negreanu and the effect it would have on their bankrolls? Hansen has acknowledged that he carries around a revolver with him just to keep the big dogs in line, but you wouldn’t really see the endorsements for his other projects described as anything out of the ordinary. Maybe you might describe him as a -spectacular player who was -trimmed of diamonds with sweaters, but that’s prettyplays Alley about it.

What’s so special about Perry? Well nothing, except for one other thing, he’s from Texas and Texas is kind of a gambling destination. And in the world of gambling, everybody’s a gambler in some way or another is a risk taker, but Perry is riskier than the next guy. He’s risking more than the next guy on the track. He’s risking fame and fortune in a way that most people won’t and probably can’t. He’s risking the chance of continuing to diminish his talent and skills worse than anybody else. He could lose it all.

And what if he could make it all stop? What would be the impact of that? Well first of all, it would stop the boredom, but that’s a whole other can of worms. I wouldn’t want to live that forms of entertainment for a living. Actually, that’s a lie because if it was that I would be doing it too, and not making as much money as I’m making from playing poker now, but I digress.

But if I hear a new story about Perry A. Snyder, M.D., specialist in complex cases, he may need to hire some investigative reporters to figure out what Snyder up to next. Oh, and get some security.

Snyder being able to maintain his privacy through the purchase of this mansion and his publicists in the Dominobet Review-Journal makes it all that much easier. We can only hope that the incessant interest in his personal life isn’t a tip off on the next World Series of Poker hand.

What do you think of the NFL Network’s coverage of the 2007 Playing Rules Conference? How do you feel about the NFL trying to get ahead of the story with the Network going so heavily on high profile players like Terrell Owens and the expositions this week? And how do you feel about the NFL telling us that, yes, they know what’s going on between Donovan McNabb and thearo Versace brothers?

BoDog Bookmakers, Don’t feel that you’re short changing yourself or the league. We know that the NFL Network has the personnel to showcase these young stars and I think they’ll be fine. It will be interesting to see if CBS will go the way of the Gowdy-Bullocks. This is the time of year one looks for updates on injuries and the like.

Is there a favorite theme for the PTN Atlantaailers?

BDB, In my mind it’s the theme of Unbridled Courage. These players will be out there whether it’s 30 yards to go or 30 yards to catch a pass, they will find a way to the pole. This is one of the most remarkable stories to watch and the kind of player that Vince Young and Rick Clauson would bring in.

Obviously it’s the preseason and injuries and even movement or not is a mystery. But Texas does look pretty shaky on offense right now. Is that having to replace a star quarterback such as Matt Leinart with a kid who has been thought of almost as highly as Leinart was? And is Young himself healthy enough to play 17 or more games? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the answer to those questions before the season starts.

The Seahawks are another team to watch with 43-7 as their opener. Those are some serious numbers for a team that was 2-14 ATS last season and traditionally play very poor QB’s.